Saturday, December 8, 2012

Anything is connected - Manga & Fasshion - 1st NANA

One of the best ring ever of Vivienne WEstwood
Vivienne Westwood, Silver Armour Ring (equally beautiful in gold).

Nana brings not only powerful emotion but also unique fashion trend. Vivienne should thank for Ai :)) 
Anyway, love Ai so much! a original mangaka.
In Manga
In live-action

Moreover, through Nana manga, Ai mentioned about Armour rinng- a kind of fashion trend which seems strange to many ppl. I did not think this kind of ring even exist in fashion world until reading this manga.

But Armour ring nearly is suitable for Gothic style,,,,,anyway, person who use it, must have strong emotion inside.
Some Armour Ring samples, I think they're nice with uniquie designs